Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, March 31

Overwhelmed and not even time
to read beautiful new posts on
The Ingredient {click
or Jonathan's new poem on
Bemsha Swing {click here}

Just grazing over these two blogs
quickly, I'm already feeling better!
Have I mentioned that moving

Today, I'm having a major
pity party. Last night I felt so down
I couldn't even blog. There's a first
time for everything. But this too
will pass, of course.

Didn't even have time to call up
Nada and Gary to try to cheer them
up for missing Nada's reading due
to their both having the stomach flu.
But I've got the moving flu.

"Please be patient. Our sanity will
return in just one moment. We
appreciate your call. Our operators
(our mental functions)
are busy with other callers. Please
hold on and we will be with you as
soon as possible..."