Distribution Automatique

Sunday, March 28

While Toni and I are knee deep in boxes,
Shanna Compton's *Brand
New Insects* {click here}
, social fireflies that they are,
are buzzing around everywhere
bringing back glittering bits of poetry news. Flashy!
Jim Behrle {click here}
reads tonight at the Zinc Bar.
Don't know if we can make it- we
have to go back and clean up our
old apartment so the landlords can
do a walk-through tomorrow. Ugh!
Meanwhile Caterina's {click here}
apartment near Vancouver has been invaded,
but Caterina describes it as a conceptual
art piece.
A bouquet of dahlias, dahlings,
from Boynton {click here}
Some new poems on
UMBRellA {click here}
Beautiful, but heartrending,
personal blogging byMark Lamoureux {click here}.