Distribution Automatique

Friday, March 26

Well, I'm really not quite going mad,
but anyone who has moved with a long term
partner knows why the kindly Claude
who shares my office reminded me that
moving is up there with the top stressors
like, well, the worst things that can happen!
Claude told me he has an Inuit shaman statue
whose head is upsidedown and represents
the Trickster. Claude says in Jungian psychology
the trickster is in rare form having a great time
with your head while you are going through transitions.
Toni and I have tried to be as patient with each other
as we could but at certain points tensions ran high. But
we're working on a project to improve the way we
work together, and while there have been some
discouraging moments, late last night (it's now 2:38
am and the movers are coming around 8 am), Toni
showed a moment of stellar empathy when I kept
looking around for a certain flashlight and kept losing
it, and Toni keeps on finding other flashlights and
giving them to me. At the very moment when I was most
frustrated in having lost it again (don't go there:
sometimes a cigar is just a cigar) at just the moment
I was finding the one I was looking for she was offering
me still another one.

Don't tell me these small triiumphs don't count!

"Oh lord, shine that little ol' light right on me...!"