Distribution Automatique

Saturday, March 27

Got to make a long story short and just
say the move took two days but all's
well that ends well and we're in the new
place. A broken elevator and a delay,
but no broken hearts, the opposite,
we like it here and we're sure we'll
be comfortable. Toni likes the
kitchen, and the Park Slope
vibes, and we like the layout and
the bit of river view far off in the distance,
you can see from the bedroom
window; especially at sunset time.
Hope someday to post some
images here. Too tired to blog much more,
and still too much to do. Special
thanks to Toph for the kind words
and congratulatory poem. Love those
images on Topher Tune's Times(Christy Church)
{click here}

and Toph's way of describing
that moment of finding a poem you wrote
lying around, especially if a certain slice
of it catches your eye.

Thanks also to Okir (Jean Vengua){click here}. I had
written to Jean when the necessity for the move first came up.
She was surprised to hear I was giving up Central Park,
and I was too, but this is right on Prospect Park,
a park also designed
by Olmstead, and the Botanical Gardens are right
up the block. By the way, I got to meet Jean in when she came
to a reading I gave there in SF with the Postcard Poets
and at 21 Grand Performance Space {click here}
in August last year.