Distribution Automatique

Thursday, March 25

Though we're excited about moving to Park Slope,
it is difficult to leave these familiar surroundings. In
yesterday's *fait accompli* I evoked the names of'
some bloggers, I realized as I awoke this morning, as
people who have become important to me, who I
hope wll continue to be there, to be here, wherever
I go so I had a need to evoke some of these names, not as
some kind of "roll call" and I am hoping that no one
feels left out, because that list was meant to be
evocative, not inclusive. Even if I put together a list
from the Bloglinks on the EPC and all the ((((HOT))))
((((BLOG)))) lists we've published here, it would still
not be inclusive. I forgot to mention Alex Trimble Young,
Ron Silliman, Deborah Wardlaw Patillo, for example,
Gregory Vincent St Thomassino,
and Laura Wiley, Carlos Arribos and Chris Murray
just to name a few. If I have forgotten anyone else,
and I suspect I have, I hope they
will forgive me; at the moment, moving
has driven me clear out of my mind. Also,
like so many other bloggers, I am
constantly rediscovering blogs I haven't read recently
and enjoying the excitement of discovering new ones
all the time.