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Sunday, January 4

Will miracles ever cease?
Chimera Song Mosaic (Deborah Wardlaw Pattillo) {click here} is back!


This Public Address 3.0(Jeff Ward) {click here}
holds forth on 19th Century photography;
Emerson; and
that perennial favorite on the
contemporary literary Crush List,
Walter Benjamin.
Inspired by Jeff Ward's writing on 19th century
photography I wrote the following comment:

You write: "Photography’s significance, and photographs
themselves, always seem to beg for explanations."
Doesn't this have to do with "the shock of recognition"
though Edmund Wilson may not have been
thinking of photography when he employed this phrase.
Technology that brings people suddenly more in touch
with each other and amplifies everyday life leaves much
room for wonder.I realize very well that this refrain has
been repeated far too often, but it seems the same can be
said for blogging and web publishing on the whole.
For some reason, I see a kinship between
photography and blogging. Where print media
exagerrate the timelessness
and universality of writing, blogging, like photography,
captures some of the quickly evaporating
warmth of human contact.