Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, January 6

Notebook: ca 1986

Notes for

Public Domain

{To delay creating the book
an undertone}

Preoccupation here with getting the words out freely
that surround the concept of "delay"
Rereading, even with that fragment will remind me of the
rest of the story.
To do or not do something has an impact on the reality
you are thinking about

Creative jumps

I note an "undertone" quality to the way the
words are uttered. What I consider finished &
unfinished business- determines exactly how I
follow through.

Poetry and psychoanalysis direct themselves to a
great extent on that which is underlying.

I gather a great deal from the meanings of
people's behavior that they don't have in their own
point of view. Art allows itself to spread out
its materials more than other types of construction.
To delay assigning a fixed value & allow the
value to emerge over time. Art collides with
time- language descends into past & future,
the ocean of time through its physical
manifestations which are fixed in some ways
unlike the spoken manifestation. We listen to
what people say partly to hear the evolution of our
individual relation to language as a whole.
The effort of granting public domain status
to ones expression of language moves that position out
of its immediate impact on speech-
in writing one's rhetoric one freezes it.
The impact is expected to continue. The
value of poetry, like all art, cuts across time.