Distribution Automatique

Friday, January 9

Notebook: 9/2/92

A tunneling, an enclosure. [The fact that
9/2/92 repeats] The fact that 9/2/92 disappears.

Whatever you do, don't force it.
Whatever you do, don't just wait.

Going, going, gone.

A hideaway, a just dessert. A hill, a
hole, a hollow. The deserving one. Who

You're not communicating it, so I don't see it.
What do you mean, not innocent? I felt sure
it was just that that he liked. Well, maybe it's
just too sophisticated & I couldn't catch on.
Several riders holding on to the same subway strap,
only now the straps are made of metal and
there's nothing to call them. Go on, you just go on.
On living, on loving, to get it, to laugh.