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Tuesday, January 6

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Dep't

Read about the upcoming Google *IPO* (initial public offering:
for the lucky few unenlightened about this yucky area)
Google Weblog {click here}
In a morose mood, figuring it's all over
soon anyway, I googled "poetics blogs most hits" Poetics Blogs Most Hits {click here}
and found out my Confessions of A Blog Artist {Sidereality-click here}
is #9
out of 812.
(If you google *Nick"
*fait accompli* is now about

Where will poetics will fit in
when Google and Blogger go
mega-corporate? Probably the
same direction as similar categories
in Barnes and
Noble: less and less shelf space
the longer the store is around.

Hoping for the best, though...