Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, October 21

Like most bloggers, after
furnishing my blog with
the basics: name, subtitle,
template, a vague sense
of direction about where I might
be going with it,
links to friends and their favorites,
I began to take some
long walks around the far
reaches of the territory. I
did it the way most beginning
bloggers do it, not
by drifting through lists at
Technorati or Blogroll,
but simply by going
into the links lists of blogs,
from those into others, and on
and on into some pretty
strange and unusual bloglists.
Occasionally I would forget
to bookmark and never found
my way back. Already a
close reader of Silliman,
Davis, Sullivan, Gordon,
Kimball, K.S. Mohammad,
Berhle, Hess and
Mayhew, I
was immensely lucky to discover
two blogs early on
that extended my vision as
to what blogs could
be. These blogs were
and what is now called
Solipsistic, but
was then called
Solipsistic Gazette.
It was around the time that I
discovered these blogs that I
decided to start my bloglink "Crush
List"- the title of my listing was meant
to be a vague parody of Jim Behrle's
famous "crush list."

What I love about
Boynton and Solipsistic is that
they are unclassifiable. Boynton
is a fictional name for a blogger
living in
Boynton's wry and dry humor early on
became an antidote for me
for almost anything that might
ail me, but particularly my penchant for becoming
overly serious and worried,
(especially about the future of blogging),
not an unusual quality for a poet, though
this does not get me off the hook.

Recently, Boynton celebrated
her first birthday as a blog,
and as a sort of surprise gift,
I let her know about her listing
on the Electronic Poetry Center.
We had linked our
blogs to each other ages ago,
so this was
a modest gift indeed.
With her usual gentle wit she
reminded me that she would have
replied to my middle of
the night missive sooner, but she was
about to go for an afternoon walk,
as it was an unusually sunny day
in Melbourne at the moment!)
It's this kind of moment I live for
in blogging.

-fait accompli- wishes to
thank Boynton for mentioning and
praising, today, our
Sidereality feature so highly! Or is it tomorrow?
Y'know it's kind of fun
having a friend who lives on the other
side of the planet, and who is
so much fun
and who we know only by her fictional name!
She can visit us for a little
lift anytime-(she spoke, as so many have
recently, about "blogger malaise"
on Boynton today).

I strongly suggest you should get to know
if you haven't already.
You'll enjoy it, and please
let her know so she may be
convinced to keep it