Distribution Automatique

Friday, October 24


Team Work

The decision is everything, yes.
I like the material outcome of the
noodling around also. The quotes
don’t necessarily have quotes around
them- either appropriation,
accommodation or admiration.
The settings
are the places we go to. These are
made of all the decisions we
struggle with, the web
which constructs- moment by moment-
what the whole thing is. Now that I’ve
done that, I want to do this.
The places we go, the things
we do, the people we are.

What do we actually do? We
get in touch
with each other, we meet,
by accident or on purpose, and we
say things. These things are done
and said in places. In the particular
chain of sequences I have in mind,
we meet in all the places, we go to work.
(Think of the distinction between
“work” friends and “real” friends,
but don’t get stuck on that either).

At one point I decided to have
friends that would challenge me.
This was a decision with
very good consequences.

I could go back to the time
when I sometimes chose people
as friends who gladly undermine me.
Sometimes the two are built into
the same person.

When all the clues are there you
are prompted to proceed. What would
a manifesto be if it were not addressed
to the actors themselves, each of whom
would have to weave some part of their
actual work lives into this poem?

It wouldn’t be everybody everybody
is working with. Each person would have
to choose. This would be equal to what
they call in psychoanalysis, the “latent content”-
or might be also considered the background content.

Each actor becomes a character made out of
their own lives, each actor would “co-produce”
their “team” from their past from their own work
lives. Allowance is made for overlap between
non-work lives and work lives.

As always, a project is the result of a series
of meditations. Only solitude can allow for this.
Solitude is built in, even when it is not provided
for in, in the transitions . During transitions
we don’t still, or don’t yet, know who we are.