Distribution Automatique

Sunday, October 19

Despite my dwindling supply of my 1999 book *Theoretical Objects*
(I think Amazon still has some)
CorpsePoetics(Eileen Tabios)
and abolone (Li Bloom)
and I swapped books via snail mail.
I am awaiting Li's book
but Eileen Tabios' *Reproductions of An Empty Flagpole*,
one of the most aptly titled books in recent memory,
is packed with prose poems that will bring a
reader back for revisits again and again.
Thanks to both for recent mentions
and generous quotes
on their weblogs.

From *Reproductions of An Empty Flagpole*:

"What does it say about me when I ask for asylum in places where
people wish to leave? I try to find meaning in flags. But they
repel me when buffeted by an incidental breeze. Oh, I reconsider
when I am pierced by an empty flagpole. It makes me think of barkers
at street corners flaying the wake of traffic. They should never sell
their souls."