Distribution Automatique

Monday, October 20

A few people who attended my reading
with Corina Copp on Saturday at the
Bowery Poetry Club asked about my
poem "With Open Arms" which repeats
the phrase: "Poetry is..."The poem was
published on -fait accompli- on May 14th
and it can be found in the archives column
on the left . Thanks to all
who came, and while we're at it, to all
my readers at -fait accompli-.
If you couldn't make it- see you next time.
Or look for me and
say hello-
you will find me at the Bowery Poetry Club
every Saturday if humanly possible-
want to know why? First, it's a terrific place to
hang out, hear poetry and music and second,
check out this series
curated by Nada Gordon and Gary Sullivan:

Next week (Oct 25), the
Manifesto Marathon: Mairead
Byrne, Rachel Levitsky, Kristen Prevallet,
Kim Rosenfield, Marianne Shaneen
and Rod Smith; November 1: Robert Fitterman
and Murat Nemet-Nejat;
November 8th: Poet's Plays: Charles Borkhuis,
Jordan Davis, Ethan Fugate and Brian Kim Stefans;
November 15th: Michael Gottlieb and Michael Scharf,
November 22: Process and Formal Invention:
Jena Osman, Tina Darragh,
Matt Mdden, and Warren Craghead;
November 29th: Allen Fisher and Ange Mlinko.

Let's hear it for Bob Holman, owner, manager,
maitre d' of the Bowery Poetry Club who
makes it all possible! (Wouldn't hurt if
we spent a few bucks while we are there,
we need this place to last! Good drinks,
good eats. The admission,
which goes to the poets, is $5)