Distribution Automatique

Saturday, September 6


XZ would first have to write the letter.
After all, he's been reading the same
one (ones) over and over and all
responses had come to a halt. Actually,
he's up against the wall and he can't
write. In another way it might be
possible to construct a (must it be funny?)
series of actions that the player would
do over and over- any series could
provide him with an infinite set of
manifestations. At this impulse he would
have to dissolve all the bifurcations.
That's ridiculous, he would think, there
has to be some realistic connection.
In other words it would
be possible to constuct a code
that would be interesting to
understand...have an effect of
suggestion...would plant some
savvy idea in your brain. After
this XZ would go straight, cut
his hair the whole thing, take apart
his ego factor by factor.

In fact- there had to be
some room left for this- the
whole thing could be planned
around some mysterious absence.
The letter, for instance, what was
that? As dense YZ (he calls
himself that for short) would say,
as dense as you could imagine it.
This would also include a
precise and durable enclosure.
One you could go back to. In
French, for example , just eluding
your comprehension. No, XYZ,
would consider that kind of analysis
was dispensable anyway. You always
have to get rid of things, leave
yourself empty, ready for nothing
to happen. Nothing really explodes.
The loudest things are the quietest
anyway. At least, you've got to be
sure of that...You would
have to think of things. Everything
would have to end.

It would all dissolve because
it would be sure of its...what?
Where would it stop short? How
would it explain itself. Of course it
would all connect, it would always have
one lovely touch of paranoia. That would
tickle you. So you bring in a name,
a letter. It could go anywhere, and
anyway it would be saved, it would
conclude with an address. Now there's
someplace for it to go. The
drone, drones




then, by dropping one line he
becomes X7. That, plus the
address in the whole code.

Can you translate that for
me? Formalize it into a code.
XZ doesn't want to be that specific.

-Nonsense, he says. There's no
need to be so arbitrary. The
argument can run on like this for

Winning, you're back up against
the wall. You are in violation and
I know you are a trickster, you'll
do anything.

XZ knows full well what will
keep me from getting there. He knows the
real meaning of silence.

Are you still gritting your
teeth he asks me?

I'm sure XYZ want to see this
more organized. He's left all the
drawers open.

-Why 6, he keeps muttering to
himself, why 6.

That's only a twist. I understand.
I undersand. Only a twist so you
could go on from there.

Is that what they're all doing?
That why they're all making sounds
like that. XZ can see all the way
to the stars. The other way to say it
would be to say it backwards. You understand
that. That leaves everything more open,
more dangerous. You know where to proceed.
You know where to leave all the
scary reminders.

XYZ seems to like this fear. He
likes working it dangerous, even in
unbalanced situations.

In this way he compares himself
to ZC who also writes. She
would have absolutely no trouble
with your code but she also sees
*you* as beautiful. And even more
beautiful once abandoned. Poor
poor lost boy. He's so cute like