Distribution Automatique

Friday, September 5


Juxtaposition of being alone. Awakening
to think about the phone and hurt
feelings. To remember. Vision of an
intellectual romance, of a supreme
fiction. Repressed wishes. Endless
possibilities of connection, disconnection.
The feelings before, etc. Dangerous
impulses.What is expected. Also,
notes,- H, J.
Too intellectual. As simple as
dreaming. Leave your mind alone,
yr emotion alone. To keep. What may
be inserted at any time. The connection
and its possibilities. P's opposites,
poles, distractions, vanishing. Consider
a noun. Or being alone,
overeating, lead back.In town. Could
have anything in this context leaving
it open to extend indefinitely backwards,
forwards or still by adding,
subtracting or dividing, keeping,
owning, pronouncing, notes on the
keyboard of the imagination, imagine
taking away or taking apart, conceptually
or by expropriation in touching others
words silently, you ask me
questions I understand, which is
why you go on expecting me not to
stop hesitating in order to heal by
listening and constructing, inventing
every time the new structure of the
sentence, finally leaving me empty
and nude, just sitting here and
leaning back, reassembling, reordering
my positions, my body language,
my narcissism, anxiety and world
view, itself a reference to other
sentences: the turn of the century,
the screw, existence of the letter,
the telephone, telegraph, automobile,
Edison's deafness. Finnigan's Wake

[here, I am out of breath, 6/26]

That would be a. List. Why someone bumped
into periods and clauses, jangled
in the. Text.