Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, August 13

Unfortunately, I'll miss this, since I will be back in New York on August 22cd, but I got this email from Chris Stroffolino and happened to have heard his band at 21 Grand. It's EXCELLENT:

Hey all from Continuous Peasant---

Saturday August 30th is traditionally a time of troubles
If you feel you've wasted the summer or something
or are just not "hip" enough to have a date to "burning man"
or have to work on "labor day"....

but, Continuous Peasant feels your pain...
and so does the Starry Plough
and maybe even the DeSoto Reds and The Rich McCulley Band do too....

And even if we're too busy feeling OUR pain to feel your pain,
we are really excited about the eastbay release party for our new CD
and the party is actually IN Babyville, I mean, Berkeley

3101 Shattuck (very close to Oakland border).
We play around 9:30 (which means they still serve food when we play!!!!!)

And if you bring a printout of THIS EMAIL to the show,
we will sell you the CD for HALF-PRICE (which means $5 rather than $10).
(offer invalid with any other offer)

for more info, check out www.continuouspeasant.com