Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, August 12


The success of language can be
directly attributed to the fact that
words stimulate other words. This
is what Steve McCaffery has called
"a general economy."

The energy of this exchange, in the
long run, keeps increasing- and, as
with money, inflating. Since obtaining energy, was a
part of initiating a language in the
first place, this never becomes a problem,
in fact, it's a gain. The loss consists
of a loss of interest in the intrinisic
properties of a medium. This is exactly
what is happening with language now. It
is very possible that the entire educational
system is a continuously expanding (and
succeeding) institution created to avoid
this loss. It is also possible that at the
expanding outer rings of this educational
system, other terms are being negotiated
that disrupt this system in
beneficial ways (ultimately, but in the
immediate action, traumatic).

Inflation, doubt, lack, emptiness,
hollowness, inauthenticity: all
paradoxically created by the holding high
of something unnecessary, like a king, like
a queen, the support of an additional
burden which has outlived its usefulness.
Language, seen from this perspective is not
empty or corrupted, it is held down
by subjects masquerading some false
use-value. But don't we really suspect
that language does not need to perpetuate
all its subjects but needs invention
instead? If this is true, what language
needs is not a good speaker but a good

America thrives on invention, not
inventors. There is a pleasure in this
that subjects lack.

Woe to the inventors who enjoy the
status of their invention more than
the invention itself. We like to allow
one of each inventor- this necessitates
an obfuscation in the value of the inventor's
interests. Perhaps Duchamp
and Einstein were immobilized by this
in America.


It is hard to pit a
union of parts against another. We
pit a name against a name.


When it stops working tell me.
I'll know when I stop working.


The transfer of attentional energies
accompanies all transfer of meanings.
Advertising's succcess is based on this.
All writing also must deal with this most
anticipated event.


Isn't it also your awareness of
my forgetfulness, my lack of
a certain kind of attention
that leaves gaps for you to fill
in, that assures you of my
sincerity? Sincerity implies that
I will leave open certain areas,
just as it imples that I will
attend to some, or inhabit some.


"He points to a greater specificity in
Coleridge's details, thus revealing a
closer, more faithful observation of the
outside object.But this finer attention
given to the natural surfaces is
accompanied, paradoxically enough, by
a greater inwardness,by experiences of
memory and of reverie that stem from
deeper regions of subjectivity than the
earlier writer. How this closer attention
to surfaces engenders greater depth remains
(De Man