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Friday, August 15

Moe's in Berkeley is a great bookstore. I found a copy of a book by Stephen Vincent the other day!

from "Walking" by Stephen Vincent (Junction Press, Northampton, 1993, p. 10)

"1966. Nsukka, Nigeria.
About 2 in the morning.
A snake. A dark snake
as thick as my leg
breaks into the bedroom.
leaps up from the bottom
of my bed, goes right through
the mosquito net and the sheets.
I must fight for my life.
Its teeth sink into
my upper arm. Violently
my body whips and rolls right through
to the floor. The snake
is as long as my body. I run
screaming into the living room,
running in circles, screaming
for someone to help. Finally
my right hand is able to reach
the light. I slap on the switch.
Dazed, I look at my left hand.
It is gripped, like a wrench,
about my upper right arm."