Distribution Automatique

Thursday, June 26

Jordan Davis, ever vigilant and generous, noticed and pointed out a mix-up on -fait accompli- this morning. Blogger, in the process of renovating my posting page (all current blogs are in process of receiving a new posting page) mixed in some archives with my current posts. In doing so, Blogger temporarily created its own version of time travel! However, when I saw this in the middle of the night I went into a state of panic, thinking my site was permanently jumbled. Of course this would have to happen, accoring to the inexorable rule that whatever could go wrong will go wrong, as soon as I posted a proud message to the poetics list about my recent site statistics. Toni woke up and helped me quite a bit, and this morning adorable Laura, my site administrator, applied some magic and sent me some reassuring emails. However, when it occurred to me to try posting a new message, -fait accompli- whisked itself back into shape! Thanks to Toni, Laura, Jordan for their concern and help and to my readers for their patience and interest!