Distribution Automatique

Saturday, June 28


Being a Pongeian exposition of the word

Narrative is one step back: I look into
a mirror and what I see is
what I intended. But beyond all this
you don't have to hang yourself to
prove that the rope is strong. Such as:
a softie can never be a heavy. Limit a world
becomes more than one text. The before has
died- they were in earnest. What does
it mean to mention an interval? (Squeeze
that one in- "after awhile, you want to
follow it- the power of name.") Close
quotes. On separate ground. A vast
portrait of the American flag- such as
"the poem" and not "the poetry=a vast
proving ground." Un etage. M returns.
An elaborate trick to hold the floor. This
time we are laughing and holding our sides.
The moon in a furor. "Racing with
The Moon"= a tracing, a blank space.
Young and old, a wild spelling and
a cold. "Mean it" inhabits. The
text glows with aplomb (valorization
princiiple becomes "words make their own
things.") Everybody played a hand and
beat me so evidently this put me out of
the game- different kind of Bridge, but
this game could form a
bridge to who is being addressed there-
racing with the moon Alfred Ryder.