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Tuesday, June 24

(12/15 Cont'd)

(Besides, it's the word "God" that
gives us trouble, not the actual
manifestations which we can and do
call other things. Now it's

The triangular- structure-
the strongest structure
)Oediipal structure (strong)
Observational platform. 4th dimension is
the 4th observational participant
tracking as opposed to mapping

Invariant- invariant relationship
(in Freud invariant sexual relationshi, work completed
by the object-relations school- Freud searching
out the internal microstructure of the theory-
micro-applications worked out by "succeeding"

In Einstein- the invariant is the relationship
between light, mass and energy.

Propose a thought experiment: light
needed for all visual measurements.

Space measurement: done by translating
tactile measurement into acoustic and
visual images- which are then graphed and
numerical values are assigned-


An aura of darkness and a person
trying to meaasure the space by means of
tactile measurement. Another person in the
room trying to measure it by tactile
means They touch each other. this
experience diverts their attention and the
existent space is changed by
the area needed for them to exist in it.


Thought experiment: First imagine the
events of a day, an hour an afternoon, then a few days, a few
weeks; then months, years, sequences of 3-5 years,
a decade, half a century, a century, 500 years. 1000,
10,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, half a million,
one million, two million years, 500 million,
a billion, ten billion years, as soon as this is done,
imagine that all time is simultaneous,
this complete span of time,
equivalent to the thoughts
connected to the passage of one thought.
The universe is simply the mind, remembering
that it is still there.

Einstein- the speed of light
poetics- the speed of *dark*

What does it mean to speak of
light's "speed"-

The "sp" level of linguistic development
surely precedes the "sy" development and apparently
the concepts get newer as you reverse from
sw backwards to sa, then to sy,-

*The synchroncity of dark*

The speed of light (Einstein) to the'
synchrony of dark (Freud)

Einstein who believed in God, investigated
light and what is seen by the minds eye- in silence-
Freud, who confronted Fate
searched in the dark regions
for what the voices told him there-

(What does it mean that Einstein's knowledge
was pillaged for bombs, Freud was left
alone with a few wild-eyed followers?)