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Sunday, June 22

from abolone..Li Bloom

"Well yes she is a blogger ...
her name is xyz ... I think I'll
play a song for her, & sometimes
sing off key"

ahhh summer camp, stay forever
Li // 8:15 AM

Good one, -Abolone-.

Memories of summer camp:

Happiness is being on my own, away from my parents.

My large package of Peanut M+ M's
immediately stolen and completely
devoured by my gangly, pimply, nerdy,
boring tent mate. It was a revelation that
people my age could do this. A little mad,
but more amazed than
anything else.

Swimming every day. Being outside all the time.

Merit badges (making knots; memorizing Morse code).

Bringing my pet toad home with me and finding him squished in
my pocket when I got home.