Distribution Automatique

Saturday, March 1

Indoctrination in our time has more to do with talk that is so lacking in listening, introspection and respect for the speaker that the give and take of discussion is reduced to the effect of canned dialogue complete with laugh and applause tracks.This is where narrative structure comes in for me. I associate narrative structure with predictable outcomes, even when the outcomes are predictably unpredictable.The more predictable outcomes become for the practiced viewer of television (and we are all now incredibly practiced viewers) the more outrageous the outcomes have to become...I feel that with Bush, the cooler he is, the more frightening the implied violence becomes. This his popularity with U.S. males.So perhaps what is being repressed, better yet, disguised, is the relationship between emotional reaction and violence, thus the heightened effect of ruthlessness. Only a truly ruthless person can be trusted to be violent.

What appeals to me about disrupting narrative structure is the transgression of automaticity.The "automatic" and the machine gun are apt contemporary images for the internally terrifying sensation of violence exactly because "reaction time" has been effectively eliminated. No time for pity or sympathy. Just plug 'em. Simply stated: narrative structure= violence. Or, as I put it in -The Boundary of Blur-: The cutting edge of narrative often turns to blood and is fascinated by monsters."
(from "The Boundary of Theory" -Cuneiform- 2001)