Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, February 25

I again come to the thought that there are types of time- and that the emphasis with understanding time has been with quantity- and a great amount has been understood in those terms. But another understanding of types of time may help to again approach some major questions, like death. One immediate question arises. Is death a total absence of time? This is a legitimate question for poetics. I was thinking that to write poetry- to make art- is the most direct access there is to the world of shifting (tidal?) temporal states. Time, in its ceaseless flow, its mutability and its gatherings, threatens constantly to overflow events past all familiar significance, and no one could have ever known this better than the inhabitants of the twentieth century.

Things wait, they gather and explode- how can it be that in the same quantity of time a human being is born and dies. (6/9/86)