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Saturday, March 1

In the work, allowing elements to go out of control; to not follow a logical, expectable sequence.

The "off-world" colonies.

The couple escaping in 1984.

A sepia print.


The romantic concept of escaping being enveloped by the erasure of individuality=subjectivity=mass media that gives each person the same information with no access to response.

Robinson Crusoe's escape- Gauguin's escape.

Areas with lessened surveillance facilities.

The colony in "Brave New World."

Crowding and hierarchical structures make solitude difficult at times, at times impossible. Crowding enables and forces people to intrude on each other. With the boundary already eroded, it is more possible for someone to jump in . People are conditioned to suffer from social anxieties in order to be more easily directed and managed. Walter Benjamin was very interested in tracking the "escapes" made publicly available.

So at the same time as they attempt to block all possibility for individual discovery by having always already presented it as a -fait accompli-, media disguises itself as an escape. Now the entrapment is complete on all sides and the possibility of solitude is brought deeply into question. The idea that anybody might want to be alone is questioned.. The task of an individual is to further the engulfment by media to prevent all areas of possible escape. As long as privacy is still possible, the "spectacle" can be effectively neutralized by a counter-force gathered by individuals to compete with it.

Psychoanalysis was in some ways presented as an escape; however it still taps on that great yearning. "Anything, so long as it's out of this world."