Distribution Automatique

Sunday, February 23

Checking out the links on Stephanie Young's blogspot page, I found this from Bellonatimes.com, an interesting take on Kent Johnson's take on Zukofsky:

"Kent Johnson took more or less that approach in his 1996 essay, "A Fractal Music: Some Notes on Zukofsky's Flowers." For hit, he usefully described Zukofsky's 8-by-5 form as a grid of multidirectionally associative vectors. For miss, he then vanished into Catchphrase Forest with his fuzzy-wuzzy friends Quantum and Fractal and Noneuclidean. (Few English majors notice that Zukofsky's own mathematical figure of poetry was provided by the frumpish chore of calculus.)"

Forget 6 degrees of separation- in blogland maybe there's about 20 minutes worth.