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Saturday, April 14

*A Face in the Crowd*

the classic 50's film directed by Elia Kazan portraying corrupt and manipulative practices emerging in the early days of tv, echoes pungently recent newsworthy events concerning the descent of the infamous Imus (not to speak of the film's many other prophetic aspects such as anticipating the significance of media talk show hosts in the explosive growth of the evangelical movement, with its similarity to the Nazi movement of the 1930's.)

In the final scenes, character Mel Mller (played by Walter Matthau) says to Lonesome Rhodes (Andy Griffith): "What's going to happen to you, I'll tell you what's going to happen to you. You'll get a show alright, but it won't be a major network like you had before. Some station after a little while will say, 'L'et's try him again. He was big.' You'll have an audience,but it won't be hundreds of millions you had before . You'll make money, but it won't be the same kind of money..."