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Wednesday, April 11

New work from harry k stammer on PFS Post (edited by Adam Fieled)

PFS Post


On My Desk

Tom Beckett, *Unprotected Texts:Selected Poems, 1978-2006*, Meritage
""& I feel like a sentence/trapped in the body/of a paragraph"

Elaine Equi, *Ripple Effect*, Coffee House
"even if you don't know a thing/ about poetry,/at least help me decide/what to wear."

Brenda IIjima/Austin Publicover,*Council of Worms*, CD, Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs
"before language you could always whimper"

Catherine Imbroglio, *Parts of the Mass*, Burning Deck
"The rhythm and interval between objects"

Jonathan Lethem, *You Don't Love Me: A novel*, Doubleday,
"The band didn't have a name yet, though they'd discussed it hundreds of times."

David Markson, *The Last Novel*, Shoemaker Hoard
"People are exasperated by poetry which they do not understand, and cotemptuous of poetry they do understand without effort.
Said Eliot"

Douglas Messerli, *My Year 2005: Terrifying Times*, Green Integer
"I realized that, in a sense, language never quite stopped in the Austin's house"

Bob Perelman, IFLIFE, Roof
"Avant-garde is middle aged, but romanticism is forever young. Dorian Gray"

Jordan Stempleman, *What'sThe Matter*, Otoliths
"drawing past brackets for a source,/ the companion of a modern poem/sounds in the bits from turbulent men,/no clear end the language trades to see"

David Shapiro, *New and Selected Poems (1965-2002), Overlook
"James Bond's girl friend/Lay in bed, having/a bad dream during a thunderstorm"

Nico Vassilakis, *Diptychs*, Otoliths
"Beckett's Weather"

Nico Vassilakis, *Ring*, Nine Muses Books
"the ease at which/your every effort gets/absorbed into history"

mark young, *the allegreza sydrom*, Otoliths
"The Iranians lay claim half the floor of the Caspian sea....The Anericans want to build a pipeline across the floor of the Caspian"

Bill Zavatsky, *theories of rain and other poems*, Sun
"I have built the rain/alone in my room"

Bill Zavatsky, *Where X Marks the Spot*, Hanging Loose
"Oh, I must have also/ failed poetry somehow! What am I/
going to do?"