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Sunday, April 15

Bemsha Sting

I remember when, years ago. Laurable erased all her blog links with
the single line, "too many poetry blogs."

Looks like Jonathan Mayhew (Bemsha Swing) just erased his, a few days after expressing some
minor dissatisfactions with Ron Silliman's blog.

The only reason you don't see a link list on my blog is that I don't know how to do this on New Blogger. Nada Gordon has promised to walk me through doing this. It was Jonathan Mayhew who, several years ago. first taught me how to put a link on my blog!


On My Desk

Aaron Belz, *The Bird Hoverer*, Blaze/VOX,
"My name is Anatoly Karpov. Excuse my
beleaguered appearance, I have spent two
excruciating weeks tutoring the biggest
dumbass in the chess world..."

Tom Beckett, "Unprotected Texts*, Meritage
"Elliptic seizures./Unacknowledged quotations/
increase and are better comprehended"

Alan Davies, *Book 5*, Katalanche
"I wake up/feigning/ wakefulness"

Katie Degentesh, "The Anger Scale", Combo
"as long as we're laughing/ at Rush Limbaugh's addiction/
remember that Mt. Rushmore was itself/
the creation of an ardent member of the Ku Klux Klan"

Elaine Equi, "Ripple Effect", Coffee House
"Fountains, I realized, are thirsty too-/
for company"

"The Diary of Anne Frank", Pan Books
"I wonder whether you can tell me why it is that
people always try so hard to hide their feelings."

John Gedo, "Beyond Interpretation:Toward a Revised
Theory for Psychoanalysis", International Universities Press
"To repeat, we no longer attempt to illuminate all of human
behavior in terms of derivatives of the unresolved conflicts
of the Oedipus Complex"

Nada Gordon, *Folly", Roof Books
"O! Rend my heart with ev'ry pain!
But let me, let me love again!"/
And while you're at it,'/
voting machines."

Franz Kafka, *The Zurau Aphorisms*, commentary
by Roberto Calasso, Shocken Books,
"A cage went in search of a bird"

Amy King, "I'm the Man Who Loves You", Blaze Vox
"Though muffled, new holocausts/trace the Cinderella
myths/They tunnel from echoes ago/into sparks
of souls ignited"

Mitch Highfill, "Konig's Sphere", Situations
'Knock-knock./Click-click./Hand emerges from cloud"

David Markson, "The Last Novel", Shoemaker Hoard
"In the Spring of 1944, at the height of their efficiency,
the forty-six ovens in the crematoriums of Auschwitz were
incinerating as many as twelve thousand corpses per day"

David Shapiro, "New and Selected Poems (1965-2006), Overlook
"They have used the bodies of children/
As improvised bridges/Which they later cross"

Vanitas 2, edited by Vincent Katz,
"Nico, famous Nico/, who once sang a dirge-like version of/
"Deutchland, Deutchland Uber Alles"/swore to solemn Lou/
she'd come tonight to the band's one night reunion./
But night's almost gone- soon day will be creeping/
like dirty rain through its gutters."
Jerome Sala

Nico Vassilakis, "pond ring e", nine muses
"I will ask you to whisper/a list of inventions/in my ear"

Mark Young, "the allegrezza syndrome", Otoliths
"There isn't a person alive who can truthfully say/
that they have never waited in vain for their lover"

Bill Zavatsky, "Theories of Rain", Sun
"We are dumbbells you exercise in the night! We are stupid/
ambassadors hijacked pants-down in flight ,colonials/ stabbed
by parrot revolutionary fever-for a moment exulting, soaked with
blood of the absolutely free.../ the fabulous blood of
you and me"