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Sunday, June 26

Thanks, Nada!

Some ::fait accompli:: readers
may have noticed the incredible
shrinking type on this blog of late.
Not sure how that happened, but
I do know why it's better. Nada,
who turns out to know much more
than I do about html came to the
rescue and showed me how
to enlarge the type. What a pal!

Vanitas at the Bowery Poetry Club

The readings in celebration of the
first issue of Vincent Katz' new
poetry and arts magazine, *Vanitas*
were clearly well received- and when
the attendees had a chance to
check out the terrific work therein
and the issue's excellent production values-
with cover and a section of art work by Jim Dine
the palpable excitement spilled over
into the impromptu party afterwards
at the Cafe Orlin. Vanitas #1 is
available from Vincent Katz at
The editorial address is
211 West 19th Street, #5
New York, NY 10011
Vincent, in an editorial
afterword writes: "Most
people in the U.S. use
the word "political incorrectly."
Political must be an actual
functioning apporoach to changing
or avoiding governmental policies.
this issue is reflection on THE STATE.
Next, we will approach what can
possibly thought of as politics. One
move will be towards an investigation
of current possibilities of Anarchy.
Each issue will have a theme
or thrust....One part of VANITAS
is open it to current voices from
around the world. We start in
this issue with a poem from France and an
essay from Brazil..."

Well, after a day in Prospect Park
enjoying the breezes and ducking
various missiles used for child's
play, it's time to go for pizza.

More on this excellent issue soon!