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Wednesday, June 29

Bookmarks: New and Notable

[Don't miss our extensive preview of the first issue of Vincent Katz' *Vanitas*-scroll down to ::fait accompli:: Monday, June 27]

Hot enough for ya?

Stay in and enjoy the air conditioning
while close listening to

Charles Bernstein's new
poetry and talk series on
WPS1 and Penn Sound
Close Listening {click here}

Interviews with and readings by
David Antin, Erica Hunt, Rachel DuPlessis,
Peter Inman, Pierre Joris, Christian Bok,
Peter Straub, Susan Stewart,
Tan Lin, Bob Perelman,
Ted Greenwald, yours truly and others.
Bernstein's latest contemporary
poet series, announced
yesterday on the Buffalo listserv,
will go far to liven up the
summer poetry doldrums!
A Walk in Shenzhen

Steven Schroeder and
Maryann O'Donnell {click here}

Blogger Steven Shroeder {click here}
spends considerable time in the
People's Republic of China.
This lyrical, touching poetry/photo
collaboration with
Maryann O'Donnell is an
online "must bookmark!"
Flarfmaster Kasey Mohammad tells all to Tom Beckett
right now on
E-X-C-H-A-N-G-E-V-A-L-U-E-S {click here}
Buck Downs

is a D.C. poet whose postcards have been
one of the poetry pleasures of my life
(which reminds me, I have to send
him my new address in Brooklyn)
now has a new interview up at
Narrow House Recordings {click here}- also, they have one
with David-Baptiste Chirot,
another well known mail art afficianado.