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Thursday, June 30

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Bookmarks, New and Notable
including: Steven Schroeder and
Maryann O'Donnell's lovely
*A Walk in Shenzhen* with
recent photos from The People's
Republic of China; also a link
to Bernstein's exciting *Close Listening*

Soft Voice of Philosophy

"453. (As one can sometimes reproduce
music only in one's ear, and cannot
whistle it, because the whistling drowns
out the inner-voice, so sometimes the
voice of a philosophical thought is
so soft that the noise of spoken words
is enough to drown it and prevent it from
being heard, if one is questioned and
and has to speak.)"

Community of Ideas

"455. (The philosopher is not a citizen of
any community of ideas. This is what makes
him a philosopher.)"

from *Zettel*

Ludwig Wittgenstein

edited by G.E,M. Anscombe
& GH Von Wright

translated by G.EM. Anscombe
University of California Press, 1970
Frank Kuenstler, author of *Lens*, *Fugitives Rounds*
*In Which* and other works
is now represented with a superb,
touching, hilarious reading on Penn Sound

Close Listening: *The Carols & The Similes* {click here}

"Have pity on the midgets
for they are the last to know it is raining"

Books available from Abebooks by Frank Kuenstler

Frank Kuenstler {click here}

Shadowtime, an opera about
Walter Benjamin by Brian Ferneyhough at Lincoln Center- libretto
by Charles Bernstein {click here}

only two days , Thursday July 21 and July 22
plus free symposium and concert on July 18 & 20,
featuring Charles Bernstein, Marjorie Perloff and others