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Sunday, February 6

*still. harmless enough*
*here. and here*
*tattoos .all kinds*
(all from *finish your phrase*2003)
*first line index.03*

are three stunning page turner chapbooks by Brother Tom Murphy whose
finish your phrase {click here} remains one of the most compulsively readable weblogs on the internet. Prescribed for all that ails you. Read one, three times a day, and call me in the morning!

published by
Cat Press
999 mclinley avenue
mundelein, illinois 60060

(from *here. and here*)

"can you for once give up the lines...a ploy
to convince no one...that yr modern enough...
unsingable lines...without artsong credentials...
lines...sizzling to waukegan...taking no chances...
in a book...yr theory went blue...and coughed blood"