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Saturday, February 12

Everything for Everybody

Every now and then, a link appears
on my site meter that
jumps out at me. Today I noticed

eye peasant-written creation links {click here}.

and sure, especially around
::fait accompli's:: birthday time,
I was happy to see we were listed.

But also, something about that list of links, and
also probably because I'm reading
Bob Dylan's autobiography right now, I was
reminded of something that only could have happened
in the 60's called
Everything for Everybody {click here}.
Everything for Everybody
was an idea that
reeked of hope, that sent
out good vibes whenever
you saw the name.

I also thought of it because I noted
Josh Corey's (Cahiers de Corey) {click here}
disappointment to see so many blogs close
down recently.
Blogging reminds me a lot of
*Everything for Everybody* because
nearly anyone
who wants to can participate,
and because the emphasis is
on freely giving and sharing; just the thought
of it seems an impossibility right now, but,
there it is, and here we are! The point is to
enjoy it while we have it, and welcome new
bloggers and blogs. And that's the idea behind
eye peasant-written creation links {click here}.
As in the 60's- we are everywhere! So just
let them find us!