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Monday, February 7

Paging Dr. Mayhew, paging Dr. Mayhew!

of Bemsha Swing {click here}.

Dr Jonathan Mayhew says he got his Ph.D. in Comparative Lit and he knows what he's talking about; he says Bruce Andrews is a hip-hop artist. Well, he may be right. Although i read every word Bruce wrote in the 70's, I read him now about as often as i listen to hip-hop, maybe less, because I hear hip-hop sometimes walking down the street, and on the subway, and I read an Andrews poem now if I come across it for about as long as I willingly listen to hip-hop- about 3 seconds. Except, of course, on the Dave Chappelle show. That is different. But if what you need is kick-ass writing, and you like it in- your-face, then BA is the poet for you.

Also, Dr Mayhew told us he didn't much care for Karl Shapiro, who gave him his only B in college. Now, he tells me, he doesn't remember what he said about KS. I took out a book of Karl Shapiro's essays recently from the library and it made me want to vomit. Possibly the most dogmatic, narrow-minded baloney I've read in years. Glad I didn't buy it.

Keep those prescriptions coming, Dr Mayhew!
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