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Friday, December 3

Heathens in Heat asks the question: "But why write if you have nothing to tell us?"

Like a hand on the shoulder from a friend, a knock on the door,
a mumble or a grunt, if it is coming from someone I like or
care about, a message without much content might be very
welcome indeed. I am glad to hear from them quite often, even
if what they have to say is not that specific. This is because
when they do have something to say, it means something to me.

With people I don't care for, often they can say the most
fascinating things, the most useful information, they
might be brilliant but I still don't want to hear from them.
I just wish they would be quiet or go away.

It's people who know how to llisten that keep me interested
in the long run. What they have to say is resonant with the world,
not just with themselves.
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