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Sunday, November 28

Books and Company, Part II

If interested, please scroll down
for the first part of this
post. In the area of book gathering,
this Thanksgiving gave me a lot
to be thankful for. It's a highly
varied list, and here's some more:

Rodney Koeneke, *Rouge State*,
Pavement Saw Press, 2003
"Impurity's the watch word here;
you get that the minute you step/
off the boat"

Bob Perelman, *Ten to One:
Selected Poems*, Wesleyan,
"I do not believe poetry and
prose will continue seven years

Gilbert Sorrentino, *The Moon
In Its Flight*, Coffee House, 2004
'Consider the young, reasonably
well-mannered men who killed so
many people on September 11th.
There they are, as unremarkable,
as sadly ordinary as any representative
American one can conjure up..."

Edward Bellamy, *Looking Backward:
2000-1887* (1888, Signet classic, 2000)

"To borrow a phrase which was often used
in your day, we should not consider life
worth living if we had to be surrounded by a
population of ignorant, boorish, coarse, wholly
uncultivated men and women..."

*New Worlds*, edited by Michael Moorcock,
Thunder's Mouth Press, 1983, 2000
Science fiction and speculative essay
anthology including Thomas
M. Disch, Brian W.Aldiss, Norman Spinrad,
J.G. Ballard, Daphne Castell

"Certainly Nazi society seems strangely
prophetic of our own-- the same maximizing
of violence and sensation, the same alphabets
of unreason and the fictionalizing of experience."
(JG Ballard, from *Alphabets of Unreason*; first'
published in 1969)

Paul West, *The Immensity of the Here
and Now: a novel of 9.11* (Voyant, 2003)
"When I at last lose consciousness, it will
not be to regain it...I am a haunted man,
victim of appalling dreams, both night
and day variety."

*Lucid Dreams in 30 Days: The Creative
Sleep Program*, St Martin's Griffin, 1989
by Keith Harry, PHD and Pamela
Weintraub "Then quietly say to yourself,
*from now on, I'll remember my dreams."

*The Portable Boog Reader*, edited by
David A. Kirschenbaum, Boog Literature,
2000. Poetry anthology, includes:
Lee Ann Brown (her photo, by Allen Ginsberg
is on the cover), Bruce Andrews, Anselm
Berrigan, Edmund Berrigan, Allison Cobb,
Katie Degentesh, Rob Fitterman, Ed Friedman,
Drew Gardner, Nada Gordon, Mitch Highfill, Bob Holman,
Rachel Levitsky, Lisa Jarnot, Andrew Levy, Lisa Lubasch,
Kimberly Lyons, Dan Machlin, Eileen Myles,
Julie Patton, Matthew Rohrer, Kim Rosenfeld,
Douglas Rothschild, Eleni Sikelianos, Chris Stroffolino,
Gary Sullivan, - and these are only the poets
I know!- many others.

Paul Levinson, *The Pixel Eye* (Tor, 2003)
"A cold November wind stalked Central Park....
In the past 24 hours I'd been propositioned
by a hologram working literally underground
for the feds, and a make=believe scientist
who said she really worked for some *uber*

Alberto Moravia, *Contempt*, translated
by Angus Davidson, (New York Review Books,
1999) "'Well, Freud will serve us as a guide
through this interior landscape of Ulysses,
not Berard with his maps and his philology
which explains nothing...'"

Rainer Maria Rilke, *Sonnets to Orpheus*
translated by Edward Snow (Northpoint,

"Breathing, you invisible poem!
World-space in pure, continuous interchange
with my own being, Equipoise
in whch I rhythmically transpire."

Jonathan Letham, *Amnesia Moon*,
(Harcourt Brace, 1995)

"Nah, I got a problem with The Man- all that
dream-stuff doesn't work on me. I'm
immune, got a built-in bullshit protector.
I used to live in California..."