Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, November 30

[posted late due to Blogger being slow…]

Good Morning! First things first...
Coffee, and....

"Rewrite a substance, prove it has thoughts. Up cracks &
parts accorded to my birthday arranging form. prime hour, behold.
He seize your map, you sea; His lustre’s all Mont Blanc have looked & constructed these three parts."
(from )The Red Dragon and the Black Beast {click here}

"Delimited strike
on the back of the mouth
from my moving reference that has no spirit.
My country has no spirit."
(from Blue Revisions {click here}

"I do believe that poetry has a peculiar power to access some kind of collective unconscious by opening up the writer/reader's singular unconscious through/in language and is therefore worthy of reverence. "
(from) Cahiers de Corey {click here}

"The funny pages that want to get into your pants."
The Jimside {click here}