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Tuesday, October 19

Drum roll, rubberband horn, flute, metaphors, fingertaps, clarinet, warbles, poetic parataxis, guitars, enter:

Drew Gardner's Poetics Orchestra-Bowery Poetry Club, Friday Nov 5 {click here}

*Trinkets Mashed Into A Blender*

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"There is a certain fish, the scientific name of which is Mycerteroperca
Bonaci, its common name is Black Grouper, which is of a
considerable value as an afterthought in this connection, and
which deserves to be better known. It is a healthy creature, growing
quite regularly to a weight of two hundred and fifty pounds, and lives a
comfortable, lengthy existence because of its very remarkable ability to
adapt itself to conditions. That very subtle thing which we call the
creative power, and which we endow with the spirit of the beatitudes, is
supposed to build the moral life in such fashion that only honesty
and virtue shall prevail. Witness, then , the significant manner in which it has
fashioned the black grouper. One might go far afield and gather the forceful
indictments- the horrific spider spinning his trap for the unthinking fly;
the lovely Drosera (Sundew) using its crimson calyx for a smothering-pit
in which to seal and devour the victim of its beauty; the rainbow-colored jellyfish
that spreads its prisoned tentacles like streamers of great beauty only to
sting and torture all that falls within their radiant fields. Man himself is busy
digging the pit and fashioning the snare, but he will not believe it. His feet
are in the trap of circumstance; his eyes are on an illusion.

Mycteroperca moving in its dark world of green waters is as fine
an illustration of the constructive genius of nature, which is not
beatific, as any which the mind of man may discover. Its great superiority
lies in an almost unbelievable power of simulation, which relates solely to the
pigmentation of its skin. In electrical mechanics we pride ourselves on our
ability to make over one brilliant scene into another in the twinkling of an eye,
and flash before the gaze of an onlooker pcture after picture, which appear
and disappear as we look....What would you say was the intention of the
overruling, intellilgent, constructive force which gives to Micteroperca this
ability? To fit it to be truthful? To permit it to present an invarying appearance
which all honest life-seeking fish may know? Or would you say that subtlety,
chicanery, trickery were here at work?...Would you say in the face
of this that a beatific, beneficent creative, overruling power never wills that
which is tricky or deceptive? Or would you say that this material seeming
in which we dwell is itself an illusion? If not, whence then the Ten
Commandments and the illusion of justice? Why were the beatitudes dreamed
of and how do they avail?"

Theodore Dreiser
*The Financier*
*Trilogy of Desire, Volume 1*