Distribution Automatique

Monday, September 20

Somewhere between the need to connect
and the wish to express, language
missteps and compromises. This compromise
gradually undermines the initial impulse
to transcend the self. At all levels we more
or less misjudge how we might connect
with each other in order to protect ourselves.
Language is the document of this frustration
and dissatisfaction. Poetry is the written
result of the attempt to overcome this dilemma.

Ernesto Priego (Never Neutral)
has won the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes Jóvenes
Creadores grant for essay writing for 2004-2005.

Katie Degentesh (Bloggedy Blog Blog) {click here}
who unearths endless
sources of amusement in her fellow passengers on subways, ferries and busses,
this time spots a truly distinguished denizen of the Underground, underground.