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Thursday, September 23

Online with
The Namedropper

f you haven't seen it yet, and missed it on that most necessary of all blogs
wood s lot {click here}
check out Brian Kim Stefans' interview with Monica de la Torre right now on
The Brooklyn Rail {click here}
by the way, Mr Stefans is now the editor of /Ubu Editions {click here}
which includes, among many other very good things,
speaking of Wittgenstein {click here}
Mr Ron Sillilman's classic
The Chinese Notebook {click here}
In other news, Kenneth Goldsmith, overall editor of UbuWeb {click here}
is now teaching some courses as a resident fellow at
U Penn {click here}
Wow! Just found out from
Chris Murray's Tex Files {click here}
that Sowako Nakayasu's terrific blog
Texture Notes {click here}
is back online, with a poem dedicated to the honeySwooners
Nada Gordon (Ululations} and Gary Sullivan {click here}
who are curating the exciting Segue Poetry Reading Series
at the Bowery Poetry Club {click here}
(Gary 's *Elsewhere* lists the full program through
January '05)- the program includes, among many other fine poets,
Sowako Nakayasu,
who also reads, with Dana Ward
(publisher of Cy Press, who brought out
James Meetze's {click here} chapbook *Serenades*)
on October 4 at
The Poetry Project {click here}