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Saturday, September 25

Having a thought is like cooking an egg:
the precision is all in the cracking.

Notebook: 1/1/88-2/13/88

Pont de Looney -Tokes on Poetry- {Jacques Kimball) {clique here} is on hand to essay the droll habits of poet-collectors of poetry collectibles, as we enter the heart-pounding
yard-sale, flea market and tchachkee emporium season.
"We live now in an empire which, in the name of reasons, has stolen our
lives away from us, but which will sell them back to us at the cost of all that we
have, if only we can provide that empire with sufficient reason for letting us
live. Every time we speak of a reason, we let the theft occur all over again, we
participate in the theft....If we lived in a world where poetry existed, who knows
what it might be? It's a question I ask myself when i'm writing the poetry I can't
be writing..."

Mark Wallace, "Reasons to Write"
from *Haze*
Edge Books {click here} 2004
Lanny Quarles' new blog:
Boppo Blog {click here}
Baghdad Burning {click here}
is back
Thinking more and more about
"the Worst of the Best of",
the "Mad Ave." aspect of the poetry world.

As Gary Norris puts it in DagZine {click here}:

"...poetry is not market-bound, left the market, for its own good,
catapulted itself back into language, left the everyday behind
which it is consistently, obsessively even, attempting to regain,
and now is quite frankly bound up within itself and its own
problems. This isn't a problem. It should be only the slavish
versifiers of lilting sounds and nonsense, those who wear
poet-masks of poets gone, who really care whether poetry
makes any sound sense in the market. The Poet Capitalists
have lost out, thankfully. The idealism is there, but the
idealist is an isolationist."