Distribution Automatique

Thursday, July 22

We're goin' to San Francisco
San Francisco here we come...

to see the
Pacific Rim Sculptors Group
Annual Members Exhibition
July 22 thru August 27 at
the Atrium Gallery
600 Townsend Street @ 7th

Kenneth Baker, juror

Nikki Schrager
Jane Johnson
Peter Eller
Jane B. Grimm
Rene Dayan-Whitehead
Ralph Holker
Gina Telcocci
Susan Nutter
William D. Iaculla
Jane Burton
Nancy Ziegler-Nodelman
Deborah Colcotti
Karen Devich
Patricis Bengtson-Jones
Mel Lyons
Rebecca Fox
Vince Koloski
Leslie Cantor-Fallihee
Pamela Merory Dernham
Jia Jun Lu

Visiting Toni's friend Nikki Shrager
yesterday, we also met and enjoyed the
photographic work of Roy Berkowitz
who has tons of equipment for processing his
photos but has always worked with the same 35mm
toy camera!