Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, July 20

Fellow bloggers!
Do you know what day it is today?
Hint: which famous blogger
has the same birthday as Petrarch?

Yes, you guessed it!
It's Laura Willey, otherwise
known as Laurable

As Mr. Silliman noted on his blog
recently, we have not heard from
Laurable for awhile.

Happy Birthday Laurable!
We miss you.

After a beautiful day
on the Point Reyes
Pacific beaches
zipping around the highways
in our rented bright red
Touring convertible,
(by the way, I haven't seen
beaches this gorgeous since
going to Normandy and Brittany
in the 80's!)
top down, I am still thinking about
the New Brutalism Cabaret
on Sunday night. Images
of movement:

The audience and players staying
outside as long as possible
before the performance,
talking and enjoying the
cool summer air

Saying a quick "hi" to Juliana Spahr
(now teaching at Mills)
Bill Luoma, Mary Burger,
Taylor Brady, and Patrick Durgin
before the show

Del Ray Cross doing the
only actual "reading" in the whole show,
of his play "Loretta"
with just a touch of
Southern accent

Patrick Durgin's perfectly timed,
graceful, pantomimed
dancing with Jen Hofer
as he sang Fred Astaire
style. Patrick patiently asking
a few times for the CD for his
act to be started up

Tanya Brolaski standing rock
still, in mustache, cowboy boots
and complete Western outfit,
crooning Hank Williams style
singing along with her band
*The Cherries*.

Sean Finney, doing his Billy
Crystal style patter between
acts, complete with faux jokes,
holding the mike in his

Brent Cunningham playing boring
academic poet Thackerey
somebody, attending yet another
poetry reading while automatons
Stephanie Young and Shonni stroke his

Kevin Killian as Nico, creating true time
travel, returning us to the 60's, with
Geofrey Dyer in Lou Reed sunglasses
playing guitar

Rodney Koeneke reading "rap style" about a few
of his favorite and non-favorite
things with Lesley Poitier's excellent
electronic keyboard playing

Poet Judith Goldman and her band in black
belting out
anti-fascist lyrics, behind posters
with statistics telling us the true economic
and political situation in Amerika

The audience, joining in with
excited applause or whistling
or verbal response whenever

James Meetze serving up beer
and all around good cheer.
Toni and I enjoying that cool
beer taking a seat in
the last row after the break

Being introduced, with Toni,
by Kevin K to Dodie
Bellamy after the show.
Kevin handing out some copies
of his and DB's magazine
Mirage (more on that issue coming

Talking with Kasey Mohammad about how
much we liked his
piece for Patrick and Jen,
him proud as a new father,
afterwards telling me and Toni about his
new tenure track job in

Cynthia Sailers coming in from
back stage, out of costume after
her play *The Poet Deflated*

quick conversation with Tanya, out
of costume after the show

More, more New Brutalism Cabaret!

Bring it on!
Take it to the Apple!