Distribution Automatique

Monday, July 19

We're getting out to Point Reyes
early today, so I don't have time
to tell you about the New Brutalism
Cabaret in all the detail it so richly
deserves. If you were there, you already
know how much fun it was, and how much
terrific talent took that ample stage
at 21 Grand last night. I'll just mention
now that when I told Tanya Brolaski
after the show how much I enjoyed
it she said that she knew that poets
had so many other talents and she wanted
this to be seen and experienced. By this
time she had removed the faux mustache that
had been part of her country singer costume
to sing with her terrific country band,
*The Cherries.*
There's much more to tell as the
evening consisted of
8 acts including a very hauntingly
charming Vaudvilllian
song and dance number by
Kasey Mohammad performed by
Patrick Durgin and Jen Hofer
(that reminded me somehow of
Fred Astaire and Ginger
Rogers), *The Poet Deflated* by
Cynthia Sailers and
Brent Cunningham,
a sharp satire of certain puffed up
male Academic poets, that included
Taylor Brady and Stephanie Young
as accomodating robot-
students, and a powerfully
stirring finale,
*The Force Majeur*, billed
as a "dystopic rock opera*,
with Judith Goldman, Maggie
Zurowsky, Joel Nickels
and Brandon Brown.
But there's so much more to
tell you about last evening,
including Kevin Killian
singing as Nico and Geoffrey
Dyer as Lou Reed and
Del Ray Cross reading his playlet
about Loretta Lynn, I'll
have to come back and tell you
more later. Stay tuned!
Back soon with more about
the New Brualism Cabaret.