Distribution Automatique

Thursday, July 1

NATASHA: This book-I know what it is...When we
arrived from Nueva York...there was a man with us. He
wrote things like this. I don't know what happened to him.
Here, he would have to live in one of the banned areas, where
they end up killing themselvesl...though, sometimes, I know,
Alpha 60 manages to find a way of using them.
LEMMY: Residents Control...In what way?
NATASHA: Because they are people who write incomprehensible
things. Now I understand...they used to call it
poetry! One believes in as if it were a secret, but afterwards
...nothing remains. So, when Control has an hour or so
free, it records things like that, classfiies them and encodes
them...Like everything else, one never knows!
LEMMY: Quite! They might always come in useful!
NATASHA: Exactly...we're very organized.

Alphaville, a film by Jean-Luc Godard {click here}
translation by Peter Whitehead
Simon and Schuster