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Monday, June 28

Moonshine Highways {click here}
is back up, we're happy to report.
Michael Gates
(Twists and Turns) {click here}

takes a spin on the
The Late Night Cable-
Movie Plot Generator {click here}

Jean Vengua's (OKIR) {click here}_
migraine headache caused her to start "seeing things" possibly
in turn causing Tom Beckett (Vanishing Points of
Resemblance) {click here}
to do the same.
*fait accompli* has made another short list...
this time as Bloomberg!(????)
Pantaloons (Jack Kimball) {click here}
Once Bill Marsh once told us
we publish too much, but Bloomberg!!!
Anyway, we think the blog leader of frequency
is wood s lot (Mark Woods)
Much on there right now on
Carl Rakosi