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Monday, June 28

Looks like Blogger is reporting
a code 404 ("page not found")on
Amy Bernier's blog, *Moonshine
Highways*- very frustrating.
I've written to Blogger to
complain about this type of
thing, and all they say is that
they are working out the kinks
on New Blogger. Oh well.

We're grateful to Amy Bernier for mentioning
Antonio Porchia. Have to add
that W.S. Merwin recently re-edited
and retranslated *Voices*, a book
of Porchia's aphorisms that was
originally published in 1969
by *Big Table*. The new edition
is from *Copper Canyon* and
and came out in 2003. Just now
looking at the new edition, without
looking for it I turned right to
one of the aphorisms I came across
reading through the earlier edition

"My final belief is suffering. And I
begin to believe I do not suffer."

Like many aphorists, Porchia implodes
everyday assumptions by finding their
fault lines, often concealed underneath
layers of protective pleasures, reassurances,
familiar comforts, rationalizations.

"The love that is not all pain is
not all love."

"I also had a summer and burned
myself in its name."

"If I did not believe the sun looked
at me a little bit I would not look at

"Everyone thinks that his things are not like
all the things in the world. And that is why
everybody keeps them."

Porchia's aphorisms, once known, become
a necessity.

There are a number of websites for Porchia.
Here's one of them:
Porchia {click here}