Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, July 7

> The East Bay's Finest Burlesque! Music! Poetry! Sex Dolls!
> Featuring a playlet a la Loretta
Lynn by Del Ray Cross; The Cherries play
> country music, with
> Maraschino, Bing, and Wild
(Mary Burger, Tanya Brolaski,
and Brian Bulkowski);
> a Psychiatric Farce
> in Verse by Julia Block and
Zoe Ullman; rock opera with
Judith Goldman, Maggie
> Zurawski, Joel
> Nichols and Brandon Brown;
Rodney Koeneke and Lesley Poirier
read Sapphic
> fragments and mix noise
> music; a play by Brent Cunningham
and Cynthia Sailers about a poet who orders
> sex dolls, including
> Taylor Brady as the Nemesis Poet;
Kevin Killian as Nico and Geoffrey Dyer as
> Lou Reed playing
> "I'll be Your Mirror" and "Femme
Fatale"; a Vaudevillian song and dance number
> by K. Silem
> Mohammad entitled "Myrtle Poe," starring Patrick Durgin and Jen Hofer.
> Comedic interludes and
> hosting by the inimitable Sean Finney!
> "Ludicrous...perverse" -Robert Pinsky
> The New Brutalism CABARET!
> Sunday, July 18th
> 7-9 PM
> at 21 Grand
> 449 B 23rd St., Oakland
> (between Broadway and Telegraph)
> $5 cover