Distribution Automatique

Monday, July 5

After I had not had that one
world fell apart

If you had ten like this
a personal communication
so they went back
it was not a mystery
did it all in one night
what does the statue look like at dawn
and it all enfolded inward
that was a good word
gold communication
it look like this

think of things fast enough to say
you whispered in like that
that it took more than one night
in fact took five pages
i didn't save it one
I would need that much
it would be hieroglyphics
that's why we would be left out
of bread
one at one wine

I got there. I took the exam. Another breakthrough before
August. No, I wasn't the one. You took it back. I am still
writing to you. It never took off. No reading. Off the list.

Is this ww

Notebook: circa 1990